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Online video advertising can be...mysterious. With hundreds of publishers, thousands of technologies, millions of viewers and billions of data points - investing money into video ads can feel like putting money into a black box.

How do I know which video ad formats to buy?

Will my TV ads work online?

Who's viewing my ads?

Where are they playing?

Did my video ad actually drive sales?

And finally which black box should I choose?

How about none. Because a true partner doesn’t take your money and let the ads run.

A true partner opens the box. Gives you control that allow choices that drive results.

But How?

First, The Brightroll DSP, a simple, powerful software,{add in} allows marketers to identify the best audiences interested in your products or services. With over 30B data points per day, target by using your own data, available 3rd party data or Yahoo's vast audience data, which is unique to the BrightRoll DSP. {add in}

Once you’ve identified your audience - buy premium ad placements from "all of the major video exchanges and marketplaces which reaches 100% of US video viewers. Access the top 50 premium digital publishers in our marketplace {cut} and the world's largest marketplaces{add in}- so your ads appear along the best videos, articles on every screen."

Once your ads start running - control your ad spend and bid price, discover new audiences, channel budget to the best performing inventory, and manage the effectiveness of your campaign directly in the BrightRoll DSP.By utilizing verification and data from over 100 technology partners - we can guarantee the highest quality metrics, fraud prevention,and {cut}targeting options, reporting and analytics{add in}so that your budget doesn’t go to waste.

A leader in the industry since 2006, we can manage your campaigns for you, give you direct access to the Brightroll DSP, or set up your agency for success.

We also provide education and partnership to teach you about the programmatic landscape.

With the BrightRoll DSP, you get transparency and control. And with a trusted partner like BrightRoll, you get results you want.

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