Nokia/Dreamworks Dragons Adventure

In late 2014, Microsoft had partnered with Dreamworks to create a game for a unique situation: Long car rides. Using GPS, the IMU and other sensors in the Nokia 2520 Tablet and Lumia handsets, kids were able to follow their real location on screen, while also performing missions with their very own dragon.

The game is best when played in the car, though there are other gameplay modes that don't require a data connection. Players (or their parents) begin by entering a destination and the app incorporates data from Foursquare, HERE Maps and The Weather Channel to customize the gameplay to your route as you drive.

I wrote, directed, produced, edited, and did all the VFX and animation on the spot using assets provided by Dreamworks. The spot was turned around in 11 days.

Compositing Breakdowns

VFX Breakdowns.

Character Animation


Setting up a shot with the RED.

Just add light.

The tablet rig. This made it easier to get precise focus and reduce the strain on the actor holding the tablet. Great work by the KeyGrip.

Hurry up and wait!


Writing, Direction, Editing, VFX, Animation, Production: Charles Wood

DP: Phil Briggs

Sound: Houston Snyder