Low Cost Motion Control

LOCOMOCO is a low-cost, open hardware platform for filmmakers, animators and artists just getting into motion control. It is crafted around modular, easy to manufacture, off-the-shelf parts that allow just about anyone 10 and up to put a rig together.

My main design goal is to allow anyone to put together a 3-axis motion control system for under $1,000 USD.


After several months of designs, LOCOMOCO is currently in it's first round of prototypes. I've designed all the pieces in CAD, and they are manufactured in New Jersey by eMachineShop.com

Of the parts that comprise a working system, almost 80% are off the shelf parts that can be purchased online.

CAD Design

LOCOMOCO is designed around servo and stepper motors. Thus it is able to be controlled by any number of currently available motion control software packages.


Concept, Design, Build: Charles Wood