Microsoft 3D Touch Demos

In late 2014, Microsoft hired me to help bring to life a new research initiative born from their engineers: 3D Touch. 3D Touch allows users of Microsoft's Lumia handsets to control their phones — without even touching them. These gestures, like rock, rub, hover, swipe, scroll, tap-to-device, and others needed to be turned into visual case studies internally for Microsoft Design and Executive leadership to understand their application. Microsoft 3D Touch was finally revealed in 2016 after these were made as a public technology demo from Microsoft Research.

On an extremely short deadline of just 9 days, I wrote, storyboarded, filmed, designed (with the help of another interactive designer at Microsoft) and composited these videos for an internal meeting to discuss the technology with partners.

Early concept art.

Writing, Directing, Editing, Compositing, UX/UI: Charles Wood

UX/UI: Cynthia Bernhardt