Mizuno USA Redesign 

Crafting A New Way Forward

Mizuno had approached several agencies looking to create a new online experience for their US operations. Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, the brand was struggling to make its' US web presence match the top-tier reputation they held in US professional sports.

As part of a Creative/Art Direction team tasked with "defining" the new Mizuno, I relied on my background in filmmaking to help define a visceral look & feel.


"From this vantage point, we continually asked ourselves What does passion, aspiration, and accessibility look and feel like for a modern sports brand?"

Defining the Audience

Working with strategic planners Mike Cox and Kelly Eidson, I filmed interviews with various levels of athletes over the course of a three 30-minute shoots. From this footage customer personas were created, and our interviews were compiled into short "passion vignettes" that were integrated into our pitch to Mizuno.

A World Class Look

Working with AD Olivia Cook and ACD Jim Dudley, I researched look, feel, copy and information architecture elements for the site. From there I drafted sketches and mockups of potential design and information models.

New User Interaction Models

As our efforts continued, I also looked to Flash to create advanced but familiar tools for configuring products for individuals and teams. I worked with designer Olivia Cook to bring our comps to life for the pitch using After Effects.


"Through this collaboration, the "aspirational but accessible, professional but personal" design took shape. We were awarded the redesign, beating 360i, and The Barbarian Group."

Before and After

Creative Direction, UX/UI Animation, Art Direction, Video Production: Charles Wood

Art Direction: Olivia Cooke

Copywriting/Creative Direction: Jim Dudley

Interactive Design: Erin Nolan