Mizuno USA Prologues

World class athletes - shoestring budget

Mizuno challenged us to capture tight, professional narratives from Mizuno’s all-star “brand ambassadors” on tight schedules and penny budgets. Tasked with shooting 8 athletes, editing, and delivering for MizunoUSA.com, I chose the newly released Canon 7D as our “A” camera.

Jenny Finch & Luke Donald are just two of 8 athletes we filmed.

Test Shoots

I worked ahead of shoot to choose lenses and lighting that matched the still imagery created by Carlos Serrao for the rest of the site.


With shooting schedules as short as 30 minutes for some athletes, we traveled light, and chose to use a small Matthews dolly on a 90 degree track to get as many dynamic and dramatic shots as we could for B-Reel.


Director,DP, Editor: Charles Wood

Key Grip: Vinny Argentina

Sound: Mark Zhu