Project Recap

In late 2013 Twitter faced a problem. Users were having a hard time seeing the best content in their feeds because of Twitter's minute-to-minute nature. If you had a meeting, went on vacation, or even just went to sleep, much of the best content in your feed was essentially lost forever. Twitter needed a way to automatically tag tweets you might be interested in, and better organize them for consumption later. This feature, internally codenamed "Recap" — was developed by Twitter's design and engineering teams.

From there I worked with them on integrating animation into the UX/UI, and ultimately producing a short "commercial" that was used to help sell the idea up the chain of executive leadership at Twitter.

Though Recap itself never became a named feature in Twitter, the ideas such as out-of-sync timelines, algorithmic aggregation, While-You-Were-Away updates, and finally the collecting of Moments or "Stories" as we called them (pre-Snapchat :) did end up in Twitter in 2016.

Mock Marketing Page 


Writing, Animation, Editing, UX/UI animation: Charles Wood 

UX/UI: Geoff Brown, Josh Brewer, Erin Nolan, Dave DeSandro