Comcast SEEiT 

In 2013 Twitter became the first partner to launch Comcast's "See-It" button. See-It allows users to watch and record programming directly from a Tweet. Working closely with Comcast's internal design team, I lead the production of a 90-second commercial that explained the program to not only consumers, but also programming chiefs and showrunners.

How do you make the value of Twitter and DVRs relatable to an audience that understands neither?


Writing and Direction

I teamed up with Director Adam Patch who I had previously worked with on our Starbucks Tweet-A-Coffee campaign. We chose animation to pull the viewer away from the "living room lifestyle" motif that dominates marketing today. We created a "fantastic-but-familiar" look and feel that focused on the partnership of Comcast and Twitter - and less on details (which carrier, what DVR, which programming, etc.) From that starting point I wrote the script and began styleframes and storyboards.


Starting with Comcast's styleguide - I dove into production drawing storyboards.

My storyboards.

Initial styleframe exploration.

Production Gallery

Launch and Press


Creative Lead/Copywriter: Charles Wood 

Director: Adam Patch 

DP: Phil Briggs

Producer: Dalia Burde 

Production: Avocados & Coconuts