Twitter x TV

In 2013 Twitter was set to launch it's most unique advertising product to date; TV Ad Targeting. As part of this launch - I was responsible for writing the go-to-market storyline - as well as producing the launch spot in a little under 6 days.

Twitter’s TV Ad Targeting feature takes commercials a step further by letting advertisers continue their story on Twitter.

Press Coverage

"The concept is simple: Advertisers run TV ad campaigns and Twitter promoted tweets simultaneously, and then — via Twitter TV Ad Targeting — consumers on Twitter are targeted with promoted tweets."

"The company is banking on a crucial stat as the leap of faith that this will all work: it says 64 percent of mobile-centric users on Twitter use it in front of the TV at home."

Twitter’s TV Ad Targeting feature takes Amplify a step further by making Twitter a continuation of a commercial.


Written, Directed, Animated: Charles Wood